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Shoes for sale...

Craiglist entry with the details:

Pics of all the shoes for sale:

And now for the not as fun mumbo-jumbo.
Payment is by Paypal only if I am shipping the item to you.
Shipping is straight cost only. I have discounted rates via Fedex and UPS through work. You tell me your Zip and I’ll email you all the shipping option costs (overnight, 2 day, 3 day, ground 5-7 day) and you just send me the payment including the cost for the shipping option you prefer.
If you are in the greater Orlando, FL area you can pick up for free or I’ll deliver for 5$.
I’m selling lots of dvd movies, music cd’s, jewelry (regular, costume & piercing), shoes, purses, handbags & electronics. Please check out my other listings to possibly find something else you just “have to have” (hehe) and save even more on shipping costs.

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