Tcher (tchernobyl) wrote in ucf_classifieds,

42" plasma flatscreen and/or Xbox 360!

Hi all! I have two items for sale. I'm graduating hopefully at the end of summer B, and all my likely employment prospects are in Europe, so I can't really carry this tv around! :P

In any case, it is a Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma TV. A year old, two tops, and in absolutely perfect working order. I'm looking at 500$ for it.

I also have a white Xbox 360 with 20gb. It's an older "fat" version, not one of the slims. Controller, power cable and HDMI cable obviously included. Looking for 75$ for it. Also in perfect working order, I just don't use it at all.

Or, if you want both, I'll just ask for 540$ for the lot!

Pictures behind the LJ cut.

I do not have a car, so if you want it, you'd have to come and get it yourself. I'm in Winter Park, if that gives you an idea of the distance.

Ignore the dust, I'll clean that off >_>!
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